AppGuard provides up-to-date security for computers and servers against harmful threats, and not only from the Internet. This app does not need to be updated as it adapts itself to the surrounding environment. This minimizes the cost of running the application

AppGuard's clients include a wide range of government and private organizations from various industries, including finance and healthcare. It clearly belongs wherever any failure or attack on information technology could result in the fatal loss, damage or misuse of important information. This solution is also used by small and medium-sized enterprises.

AppGuard has low system requirements in terms of computing power and device memory, so it reliably protects devices such as banking systems, ATMs, and robotic devices (i.e. industrial solutions) with Windows or Linux operating systems.

How AppGuard Works?

AppGuard is a modern response to traditional security technologies that are limited to the detection of, and timely blocking of, new and unknown zero-day attacks.

With its patented technology of dynamic policy inheritance that protects endpoints, servers and mobile platforms, it stands out from other available products on the world market and protects Windows and Linux operating system endpoints from all external attacks and malware.

Basic Principles

AppGuard blocks the start of malicious processes that do not comply with security policies while the application is in use and continues to run.

AppGuard protects memory and prevents all malicious processes from reading anything from, or writing anything into, it.

AppGuard is the world's first security technology capable of operating at the kernel level of an operating system.

This worldwide patented inheritance technology allows you to apply a small number of simple rules that effectively control over 1,000,000 real-time processes in an operating system.

Key Features and Benefits

Real-time protection

AppGuard blocks all malware at the kernel level of an operating system before it spreads and causes damage.

Easy and fast installation and set-up

Over 95% of endpoint security settings are pre-defined in the AppGuard base, allowing its quick and easy implementation, even on a large number of stations.

Lightweight app

AppGuard is lightweight, taking up less than 1 MB on the hard disk and 10 MB of memory. At the same time, it does not reduce CPU performance with demanding operations.

Just set it up

AppGuard automatically adapts to software updates and modifications, even to those that are unexpected, eliminating the need for frequent updates and reducing operating costs.

Zero-day protection

AppGuard prevents the launch of brand new and as yet unknown malware on Day 0.

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User verified - AppGuard already protects millions of endpoints today. Users include government agencies, banks,
federal agencies in the US, and some of the world's largest corporations.

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